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It doesn't matter where you are located, now you can follow the courses directly at home:

No travels, no time lost. Only fun!

Bring your Guitar Playing to the Next Level!

Skype and Zoom Guitar Lessons  

with Ignazio Di Salvo 

Subscriptions are open along all the year!

You can use Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout, Facetime

Sometimes it would be difficult for you to follow One-to-One lessons.

Skype Guitar Lessons are the answer.

Maybe you really would love to, but you live too far away, or you are too busy with your Job or your Family.

With the Online course, you can subscribe to the European Guitar Academy Courses and follow the program on line. 

The costs and the lesson rules will be just the same

European Academy On Line Courses

The Webcam courses are today the solution to study with the Teacher you prefer, so you are not obliged to choose your music school only because is closer to where you live. 


It doesn't really matter on where you are located

Why studying at EGA Online is the best option for you

No time wasted in traveling and commuting. Save in costs

You will dedicate the time you have, not more. 

You won't need to spend time in traffic jams or trains and in the end you will save money. 

You will have the same results of a 
One-to-One lesson

You will be guided in the same exact way, no differences.

Defined programs

Study programs are well-defined and tailored over student's real needs


You can fix your lesson during way more flexible timeslots. 

How to Subscribe and follow your Course

Here we will show you the Step-by-Step simple process to start your Course


Download and install Skype, Zoom, Hangout or Facetime on your computer or mobile device


Search for the contact ignaziodisalvo and add it to your contact list. (Be carefull to write it correctly).


Once you will be approved, you can go to the Shop section, book and pay the Course you prefer.


Contact Ignazio (contact section in the site or to find an available timeslot


Start your course and enjoy! 

About Ignazio Di Salvo 

Ignazio Di Salvo is a professional guitar player, singer-songwriter, producer and music educator. He's considered as one of the best and technically innovative 

guitar players of his generation.

Winner of the Ziua Chitarelor Award and Guitar Idol III finalist and best song Award winner, he's been featured on many dedicated websites and opened the Clinics and Concerts for Guthrie Govan, Reb Beach and Tom Quayle.

Writer and composer for JTC_Guitar and Accordo, he published one first solo album in 2014 and and EP with the Metal Band Silent Utopia. His second solo album will come out during the next weeks. As music educator, he's graduated in Jazz Guitar at Milan Polytechnic of Arts and in Music Teaching at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He's the Director of the Contemporary Guitar Academy, a project that will come out during the next year.  For more information click here.

Do you want to start an online course first?

Ignazio has created two on line courses for all the students that want to improve their guitar playing at their own pace.

Guitar Player from Scratch!

This course is made for all students that just want to start to play guitar starting from zero with a complete proven method.

Contemporary techniques for electric guitar: 

Bring your technique to the next level! 

This course is made for all students that want to dramatically improve their technique and enrich it with the most advanced contemporary shapes and devices for modern guitar.