Modern Guitar Course in Belgium

                   Modern Guitar Course

European Guitar Academy offers a high quality Modern Guitar Course in Belgium
The Modern Guitar Course is made for all the students that want to have a solid base to build up their style and their personal aproach to guitar playing. The course is open to all ages and levels and it focuses on the styles Rock, Metal, Blues, Pop, Soul and New Soul, Funk and R'n'B.

Course Average Lenght: 3 Years

Frequency: Once a week, twice a month, once a month.

The course concepts:

  • A complete vision about modern techniques (Legato, all kinds of Picking, Tapping, Economy and sweep, Hybrid, Slap techniques, Fingerstyle and more)
  • Fretboard vision: All kind of Scales, arpeggios, intervals. How to organise the vision of the fretboard 
  • All kind of guitar chords for any style
  • Guitar rhythms for all the styles mentioned above and comping techniques
  • How to efficiently prepare the repertoire to be able to play with your projects and bands 
  • Improvisation
  • Blues language and phrasing
  • How to build your solos and your personal style
  • Music Theory and Harmony: learn how to understand Music and Composition
  • How to build your sounds: how to use your gear for great results
  • Guitar repertory
  • How to efficiently record guitars and listen to yourself to make progresses


The possible stylistic specializations with the

Modern Guitar Course

Blues, Funk, New-Soul


Contemporary Metal-Djent

Acoustic Guitar 

The goals of this course

After completing this course, you will be able to have a solid backgound in:

  • All the contemporary Guitar Techniques
  • Repertoire
  • Personal Style
  • Playing with a band
  • Harmony and Theory
  • Songwriting and Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Guitar Recording