Acoustic and Electric Guitar Course for Singers and Songwriters

This course is made for all the students that want to improve their abilities on acoustic guitar, or for singer-songwriters that need to become comfortable in playing and singing at the same time while building their style and sognwriting skills. 

Course Average Lenght: 3 Years

Frequency: Once a week, twice a month, once a month.

The course concepts:

  • Acoustic guitar techniques: Fingerstyle, Flat Picking, Strumming, Alternative Tunings
  • Fretboard vision: All kind of Scales, arpeggios, intervals. How to organise the vision of the fretboard 
  • Guitar Chords and Comping Techniques
  • Guitar and Singing Techniques
  • Guitar rhythms for all the styles 
  • How to efficiently prepare the repertoire to be able to play with your projects and bands 
  • Guitar Soloing 
  • How to build your personal style
  • Music Theory and Harmony: learn how to understand Music and Composition
  • How to build your sounds: how to use your gear for great results
  • Repertory
  • How to efficiently record guitars and listen to yourself to make progresses


The possible stylistic specializations with the

Modern Guitar Course

Blues, Funk, New-Soul


Acoustic Guitar 

The goals of this course

After completing this course, you will be able to have a solid backgound in:

  • Master Acoustic Guitar Techniques: Fingerstyle, Strumming, Capo, Percussions, Alternative tuning
  • Repertoire
  • Building a Personal Style
  • Playing with a band
  • Harmony and Theory
  • Songwriting and Composition
  • Playing and Singing Techniques 
  • Guitar Recording